Pamela Brabants

'Her life is like a B-grade movie'

'I first approached Pam as I wanted to buy one of her drawings, but she suggested to me that she could do a bespoke drawing, and I couldn’t resist the suggestion. I gave Pam an idea, just a paragraph, and left it for Pam to do with as she felt best. The result was perfect – Pam had stayed true to the idea that I gave her, but had interpreted it and finished it so it was a uniquely Pam Brabants work, with all the detailing that I love about her images. Pam was fabulous to work with, keeping me up to date with progress and organising framing for me. Most importantly my partner loves it, so it was a really special gift and something we treasure.'

'After visiting Pam's studio during an open day I commissioned Pam to draw a first anniversary present for my partner. I gave Pam a detailed and specific brief for the drawing and she researched my idea for images and inspiration. Pam put in hours of love and skill into recreating in pencil-on-paper the story of the night my partner and I met. The process was as exciting as the final product. This commission was very special being a first anniversary present (paper, get it?) and what Pam gave us was a witty comic strip which is a talking point, a momento, a masterpiece, a piece of art, something amazing, something unique. Every inch of the drawing is beautifully, laboriously and intricately constructed. The drawing is something that my partner and I will treasure for ever. It's our favourite possession. I just can't wait to colour it in...'

'We commissioned Pam to design and handmake the invitations for our civil partnership celebration.   It was a real highlight to have something so beautiful, original and personal to us.  She engaged with us to draw out the themes which she then used to produce the cards each of them a wonderful wee work of art.  They are among the best and most precious mementos of our day.'

Do you have a story to tell perhaps for a special occasion that you'd like committed to paper in a unique way?

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